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Oct 1

oi oi :3 could you please tell us some trivia about your school o/ this Maya model looked pretty cool :o


Oh it’s a private college that offers courses in audio-visual media, and Gamedesign is one of it, where we learn Maya, later on ZBrush, Photoshop, how the industry works and such, and it’s all practice based (which I personally love because I really hate just having to learn things by heart or an exam and then never use it again). It’s not the programming-part or anything really technical though, mainly character/concept art, designing the stuff, model/animate it and such.

We’re currently a class of 12 people (same for the evening-class which we see regularly and sometimes have joined classes with so it’s more like 24) and we regularly have projects, right now it’s the one second one which is the one I talked about, redesigning a Fighting-Game-Character in a new setting. We have 2 milestone for it, the first is finishing all the designs and concept art (that’s already over) and the second finishing the modelling of character and stage (that deadline ends on Friday).

I’m doing well with the model so far, today I fixed some severe fuck-ups with the feet, accentuated some details some more, fixed a few shapes like of the ears and such, and I’m currently redoing the arms to some cooler sleeves, since there’s still time, I have enough polygons to blow (Limit is 7500, I’m currently at 6118, if I remember correctly) and it works much better with the design.

Later on we’re gonna create the textures for it, rig the model (which will be challenging as we haven’t learned rigging yet, we’re gonna have classes on it as the project goes on), pose it, and make a cool render for a character sheet which we will then present.

I actually really like it and like for the first time in my life I regretted not going to school because I was sick a few weeks ago, so yeah.

Oct 1

Why is the white haired plant boy always so sad? :'(


Because Rica likes crying boys uvu/ and boys with white hair and plant kids.

Oct 1

Any one else think that Omnenvy would make a good, or at the very least interesting villain in a psychological thriller or something? Like, she has everything she wanted, has wisdom, bravery and a sense of justice, and is in near perfect balance because of having the attributes of virtues and sins, but would still envy others because she still thinks everyone is better than her.


Man that’s actually pretty cool.

It would be like a moral version of Lucius from strangesins, since he has the looks/money/success and all yet still envies others (another reason to definitely check out/ask stuff at strangesins.)

But woah I like that idea!

I can’t draw anything but Lineless today so I drew crying white-haired plant boy for Rica again.

So would Heavenvy have Wisdom's wisdom? Patience's patience? Would she choose which virtues she wants to have?


She wouldn’t really get to chose the personality, only the looks, but she would still be somewhat influenced by them, so she would be generally softer and nicer and not whacko like Confidenvy.

Because you have now got Confidenvy and Heavenvy, you could combine them giving Envy all that she wants. You could call her Omnenvy.


Oh my god

That would probably be really hard though woah.

i keep imagining Heavenvy being super passive-aggressive (even though she's adorable and amazing and fantastic) all the time but in the nicest way possible •–•

OMG that sounds pretty much accurate since Heavenvy would be strongly influenced by the virtues’ mindset and be wy more friendly, but she’d still be Envy.

So Heavenvy doesn't have anything from Humility, Temperance or Diligence... I guess that would have been hard to put in. I can see Envy wanting the utility that comes with four arms, though.


ACTUALLY the waves in her hair are Humility (I guess Kindness too but her curls are different), she’d wear Temperance’s pantyhose (which you can’t see in the picture) and sort of Diligence’s skintone since it came the closest to being a mix of them all…it’s not quite the same one, but close.

I did consider giving her four arms but tbh it didn’t really work with the look overall so i ditched the thought uvu/

Oh my, with your Heavenvy design, you put a lot of thought into the lilies. Amazing!!!! Her design is so well thought out your work is truly admirable! (Sorry for bad English, it isn't my first language ^^)


Your english is great!! *paps a lot*

But hhhhhh thank you so much, I actually just looked up negative flower symbolism in general but the lily happened to fit!